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plug³ Features

There are so many great features that plug³ has to offer, the main ones being Auto wooting songs and Auto joining the waitist. Take a look below to see just what features plug³ really has.

Features List

  • Auto Woot: Automatically WOOT! each song as it is played
  • Auto Join: Automatically rejoin the DJ Waitlist once you've been moved back to the crowd.
  • Extending plug's lists
    • As staff, watch who mehs.
  • Easy UI: Allows you to easily configure your plug³ experience
    • Enable or disable each part at the click of a button.
  • Custom chat logged notifications that display:
    • User join/leave alerts
    • User curate alerts
    • Song Statistics on DJ Advance
    • Now playing alerts
    • Song unavailable alerts (room staff only)
    • Song is in History (room staff only)
    • Song is longer than x minutes (room staff only)
  • A variety of chat commands that enable you to:
    • Join/Leave the waitlist or DJ Booth with /join or /leave
    • Mute and unmute songs with /mute or /unmute
    • Register currently playing song to automatically mute on future plays
    • Get your current waitlist postion with /getpos
    • Get your own information
    • and much more!
  • Custom Moderation Tools
    • History Alerts: Display in chat when a song is in histroy
    • User Data Logging: Record user join time, vote counts / ratio, rank, and much more
    • Moderation in chat command form (some examples, to view more please view our commands list here.
      • Bouncer +
        • /ban = Kicks targeted user
          • If you would like to specify a reason, use /ban @username :: reason
          • if you would like to specify both a reason and time, use /[email protected] :: reason :: time
        • /add @user = Adds targeted user to dj booth/waitlist
        • /remove @user = Removes targeted user from dj booth/waitlist
        • /whois @user = Gives general information about user
      • Manager +
        • /lock = Locks DJ booth
        • /unlock = Unlocks DJ booth
      • Ambassador +
        • /whois all = Gives userid and username of all users in the room
        • /banall = Bans all users in the room


Start Using plug³

Either install the userscript by clicking it below or install a browser extension, or click and drag one of the buttons to your bookmarks, and whilst using plug.dj, run the bookmark!

Browser Extensions

Automatically Run plug³


Manually add to your bookmarks

Just copy the code below and create a new bookmark: