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Commands List plug³

You can use commands by simply typing in chat /command. Where 'command' you replace with a command. Below is the extensive list of all commands you can use.


Command Extra Functionality
/add Adds targeted user to dj booth/waitlist
/alertsoff Stop playing sound when defined words are written in chat
/alertson Play sound whenever defined words are written in chat
/automute Register currently playing song to automatically mute on future plays
/badges Show/hide the user badges in chat
/ban Kicks targeted user
/banall Bans all users in the room
/getpos Get current waitlist position
/grab Add current song to your selected playlist
/join Join dj booth/waitlist
/leave Leave dj booth/waitlist
/link Paste link to plug³ website in chat
/lock Locks DJ booth
/lockskip Locks DJ booth, skip and unlocks afterwards
/mute Set volume to 0
/nextsong Display next song in playlist and if it's in history
/refresh Refresh the video
/skip Skip current song
/status Shows status of plug servers
/unlock Unlocks DJ booth
/unmute Set volume to last volume
/version Displays version number
/whois Gives general information about user
/whois all Gives userid and username of all users in the room

Start Using plug³

Either install the userscript by clicking it below or install a browser extension, or click and drag one of the buttons to your bookmarks, and whilst using, run the bookmark!

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